Neighborhood Dining Spotlight: Enjoy a Patio Beer at The LOT

The LOT in Dallas offers delicious dishes like the Green Eggs Ranchera. Source: Facebook

There are so many great Dallas dining options not far from our Lakewood Flats apartment community it may be difficult for you to decide where to eat. To help you decide, we would like to take the time to highlight some local favorites. This time we shine the spotlight on The LOT. Located on East Grand Ave, The LOT is just off the Santa Fe Trail and … [Read more...]

Our Dallas Apartments a Short Walk From White Rock Lake

Get on the White Rock

With the weather warming up, it's time to get out and enjoy the fresh air! Our apartments near White Rock Lake make it so easy for you to be at the park in just a few minutes. With all of the activities there, you'll want to visit it daily! Within walking distance of your Lakewood Flats home, the park stretches for 1,015 acres, giving you plenty of space. If … [Read more...]

Get a Jump Start on Cinco at Desperados Mexican Restaurant


When it comes to Cinco de Mayo, Dallas is the place to be! It's a cultural hotspot with deep roots in the history of Cinco de Mayo, and some of the best Mexican restaurants around! Try a taste of traditional cuisine at Desperados Mexican Restaurant. It's not far from our Lakewood Flats community, and it's a fantastic place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in … [Read more...]

Dallas Arboretum Spring Concert Series Kicks Off 4/10


If you're a music lover looking for something cool to do near your Lakewood Flats apartment home, it's time to get excited for the Dallas Arboretum Spring Concert series. This fantastic concert series features the talents of national cover bands as they bring back to life the classics. From Bruce in the USA, Emerald City and The Molly Ringwalds, a new band … [Read more...]

3 Signs You’re Probably Hanging Artwork Wrong

hanging artwork

Your artwork is beautiful and inspiring by itself, but how you arrange it on your wall is just as important as the art itself. A haphazard presentation can dull the impact of interesting art, and take away from the effect you're hoping to create. Don't make these errors when you're hanging your artwork.  Your artwork sits high on the wall. For optimal … [Read more...]